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Meet The Founders

We wanted to be able to find vegan places and dishes, and not just what’s been hastily tacked onto a menu to grab the attention of vegans, but really great food. So we created Varyify to bring you closer to the very best vegan cuisine. 

“Our mission is to be at the centre of vegan choice and play our part in ending animal cruelty and in protecting the environment” 

Suresh Nar - CEO

Dedicated vegan with a love for Manchester United, and a dream for all products and then the world, to be free of animal cruelty.  Passionate about businesses being a force for good. 

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Vey Rajan-Edge - CTO

Sci-Fi nerd and meat-reducer - reads Asimov, watches Star Trek, would like to see a replicator built to solve world hunger.  Passionate about technology being used to solve the world’s problems. 

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